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Striving To Make The World A
Cleaner, Greener Place

By making the best, field-proven products that excel in site remediation. Our products are lab tested and industry certified.

Our Technology

“BioRem” short for biological remediation, is an environmentally-preferred “green” technology and economically-desirable option for companies searching for a viable alternative to caustic and solvent-based parts cleaners. Bioremediation is the natural process of biologically converting hazardous chemicals, such as hydrocarbons, into non-toxic by-products using microbes, enzymes, oxygen and other nutrients to biologically convert hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water.

These innovative, biological cleaners are ideal for removing oil and grease from tools, engine components and other parts. Bioremediation can provide the opportunity for facilities to eliminate and/or reduce hazardous waste, workplace health and safety risks, environmental liability and costs. It is an ideal replacement for d’limonene, naphtha, mineral spirits, MEK, methylene chloride and other petroleum-based solvents

Benefits Of Bioremediation Technology

The Process

Petroleum-based contaminants, such as hydrocarbons, pollute the environment and damage surfaces. Using microbes, enzymes, oxygen and other nutrients to chemically transform oil into carbon dioxide and water, BioRem-2000 safely eliminates hazardous waste.

The Result

After the microorganisms have done their job and naturally broken down the pollutants and digested them as food, the environment has been completely restored to a clean slate.


All our cleaning products are all-natural and completely safe and do not require any protective clothing or equipment.