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Pond Conditioner

State-of-the-art Microbe Cleaning Technology

BioRem-2000 Pond Conditioner is an all-natural formula derived from biological agents and botanical extracts which are used primarily for removal of contaminants in water sources such as ponds and lagoons. The system is based on the digestion of nitrogen, ammonia and phosphorus which are fuels for the acceleration of growth. Green bio-film is hazardous due to the toxins it produces as a result of its normal physiology. Additionally, the green bio-film also has a blanketing affect blocking sunlight and destroying the equalibrium of the water ecosystem.

BioRem-2000 Pond Conditioner converts ammonia to nitrogen gas, and phosphorus is absorbed into a cellular matrix of the microbes to form cell walls which aid in the energy system of the Mitohondria. The elimination of these nutrients is essential in our strategy of green bio-film control. The system starves the green bio-film and digests the toxins it produces. Unlike poisons and other means of controlling green bio-film, BioRem-2000 Pond Conditioner alters the water environment making it inhospitable to the green bio-film.

  • Removes green bio-films and prevents new growth.
  • Reduces nitrogen and phosphorus levels.
  • Reduces ammonia levels and organic odors.
  • Breaks down organic waste in the water.
  • Clarifies lakes and ponds by eliminating their cloudy water.
  • Improves the aquatic environment for fish and wildlife.
  • Safe for humans, fish and wildlife.
  • Fast acting containing no algaecides.
  • 5 litres covers a surface area of water 5000 square meters by 30cm deep.