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OWS Treatment

State-of-the-art Microbe Cleaning Technology

Oil/water separators (”OWSs”) can be costly to maintain and, if not properly managed, can pollute surface and groundwater and lead to costly violations. BioRem-2000™ OWS Treatment improves oil/water separator operations as well as reduces costs and liabilities.

BioRem-2000™ OWS Treatment added to an oil/water separator breaks down petroleum products suspended and/or dissolved in the wastewater, floating oil, and/or sludge. Conventional degreasers contain emulsifiers which cause oily materials to chemically bind to water. This emulsion creates problems with oil/water separators causing the oil not to separate from the water and allowing the oil to bypass the collection system, straight to the sewer.

Facilities using BioRem-2000™ OWS Treatment have eliminated wastewater violations, reduced the sludge levels and petroleum content by more than 80 percent.


  • Designed to eliminate a variety of hydrocarbons in oil/water separators through a powerful blend of microbes, enzymes, and nutrients.
  • Converts hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water.
  • Reduces sludge levels and pumping frequency.
  • Lowers BOD, COD and TSS levels in oil/water separator effluent.
  • Creates a clear division between oil and water.