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Our Products

State-of-the-art Microbe Cleaning Technology


BioRem-2000 uses state-of-the-art microbe technology to provide superior cleaning results without the disposal costs and safety risks of traditional solvent and surfactant-based cleaners. They are strong enough to remove heavy build-up of oil, grease and grime from the toughest industrial cleaning tasks without the risks that conventional cleaners cause.

BioRem-2000 products are all-natural, a botanically-blended enzymatic system. The by-products are carbon dioxide and water. All of the microbes used in the BioRem-2000 are completely safe, non-pathogenic and are classified as ATCC Class l, which has no recognized hazard potential under normal operating conditions.

Water Treatment Solutions

No two waste treatment plants and/or problems are alike – each one has specific characteristics and a design regime to meet discharge goals. Therefore products that target these issues are needed. In addition, variances in wastewater temperatures and pH have a wider operating range with BioRem-2000 Water Treatment products than with conventional biological parameters. Other process improvements with BioRem-2000 Water Treatment products are energy reduction, lower maintenance costs and chemical elimination, especially aluminum sulfate, ferric chloride and other hazardous chemicals.

This is why the BioRem-2000 Water Treatment products were developed. Most of our bacterial products are designed to solve a specific problem or task. In designing a product, specific bacteria are selected based upon their natural abilities to degrade and digest a particular organic waste. Although we offer a full array of standardized solutions, we also offer custom products for more complex wastewater treatment problems. Even if we do not have a standard formulation for your problem, we can develop the best tailor-made solution for your specific needs.

Benefits Of Bioremediation Technology

100% Natural & Eco-Friendly

Naturally converts hazardous chemicals to water using living microorganisms (microbes)

EPA Approved

Our products do what they say, the way they say it, with no adverse effects on you or your environment!

Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous

Our products are 100% non-toxic, 100% non-hazardous and 100% effective.

100% Biodegradable

Bioremediation is all natural and completely biodegradable in line with our ethos.